Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cinderella Bakery and Cafe

SOLO DINNER: 06.14.12 @ 6 PM

Oh, Cinderella. I am the Big Bad Wolf. I did not blow your cafe down but I ate all your food. Well, sort of.

Armed with $16 Living Social  I went a  little bit crazy buying food for one since Enrique was away on a business trip.


Russian Meat Dumpling Soup
* I have been salivating over this soup since reading about it. Think Chinese wonton soup but crossed the border to Russia. Big meaty dumplings wrapped in pasta wrappers. The slightly thick  broth was so tasty with a note of lemony tang to it.  The portion will deceive you but this soup is so filling that I ate it for 2 nights! Oh, how comforting! I love this soup and will go back for more!!!!!

HEADCHEESE (Holodetz) $4

Housemade cooked beef, pig and chicken feet with spices
* I just could not resist! I love head cheese but try to  eat it only once in a blue moon in my attempt to be healthier. But  I just had to try Cinderella's. I read that a good headcheese is supposed to be tender, melt in your mouth and should NOT be firm chewy or rubbery. Cinderella's headcheese had a nice hint of flavor and just melted in my mouth while the meat tasted firm but still tender.  The portion was packed that I was only able to to eat  a third of it and sadly had to let it go since Enrique would never eat it.


*These Russian pancakes remind me of blintzes. What a delicious sweet way to end my solo dinner! This could have been the best blintzes I've had since they were freshly made and still hot even after 45 minutes later. Sweet soft cheese snuggly wrapped in think pancakes topped with savory sour cream and sweet raspberry jam. Oh, deliciousness!

COMPOT $1.99

* A cold sweet homemade Russian drink similar to the color of iced tea. It was made with prunes, raisins, etc. I drank a tall glass while waiting for my order and found it refreshing.


*A neighborhood cafe since 1953. Cute, European and cozy. On the day I was there, Russian was spoken all around by the owner and customers. The cafe is cramped and very small with a couple of tables and a counter seating  for 8  that will not be too comfortable for dining because you will be  eating "elbow to elbow." Sidewalk cafe was too chilly even when it was a beautiful warm day all over the Bay Area.

However there is something cozy and romantic about finding a little cafe in the chilly Richmond neighborhood in SF. While the rest of San Francisco was "suffering" in sweltering high 70s, it was cold and chilly on 5th and Balboa.  Being surrounded by homemade bread, pastries, spreads just inches from my nose was comforting eventhough I was huddled in one corner freezing my behind.


A delicious find! I will be craving the Pelmeni soup on a cold rainy day in SF. The ultimate comfort food--hot, meaty and filling! I will definitely be back for more.

MUST TRY:I had to restrain myself from grabbing the following but will definitely try them on my next visits:
-Marinated Fish Spread
-Eggplant Spread
-Siberian Style Pies with beef, egg, cabbage, etc.
-Piroski (baked or fried)

TOTAL: ~$21 (before $16 Living Social)

A scrumptious savory-sweet carbolicious comfort food. Cinderella's Russian offerings have definitely joined my "Favorite Meals of All Times!"

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