Saturday, March 12, 2011

Luna Park

Saturday Date Night: March 12, 2011 @ 5:30 PM

How to describe Luna Park:

CUISINE: American Comfort Food

MUSIC: Loud alternative rock/hip hop "Gorrilaz"

* Hip, chic and dark
* Date night or gal-bonding worthy

* Red Burgundy Walls
* Cute teardrop chandeliers
* Long contemporary bar
* Dark hardwood tables and bences
* Soft comfy booths

SERVICE: Friendly, relaxed and efficient server and busboy

* One of the most affordable dinners in town
* $20 or less per plate

We had the following:

Anchor Steam MUSSELS with Kielbasa, Fresno Chiles, Basil, and French Fries $13.50:
* The mussels were okay. It could have been more garlicky. The chilies added a layer of extra flavors. The broth were too salty even when I tried to eat it with bread. (Crusty bread would have been the perfect match but theirs is more of the soft kind.)

BRAISED SHORT RIBS with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Hen of the Woods Mushrooms, Pearl Onions, and Horseradish Sauce 19.50:
* Enrique really liked his short ribs. He said it was good although not as good as my braised short ribs. (I slow-cook my short ribs for 10 hours or more.) He said his were tender and flavorful.

FRESH PARPADELLE, House-Made Pomodoro, Buffalo Mozzarella, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, and Grilled Bread $13.50 ($4 more for prawns).
* For a simple dish, it was not bad! The house-made pomodoro stood apart from its canned version. Fresh and tasty but once again on the salty side. The prawns were overly-charred to the point they were dry and burnt. It ruined the taste of what could have been a nice pasta.

Chocolate Chip BREAD PUDDING with Chocolate Chip Ice Cream $7.95
* Generous portion of gooey and dense comfort goodness. Yummy!

TAB: $80 including tax, 20% tip and an iced tea.


A sweet neighborhood spot for dinner and drinks. Luna Park serves dishes that are familiar and comforting but on the more gourmet level. But just like many restaurants, they committed the mortal sin of being too heavy-handed with the salt grinder. Salt does not equal flavors, guys.

Luna Park still offers one of the best values in town in a chic, hip and classy atmosphere. It has been around for over a decade and I am sending Luna Park my best wishes for few decades more.

I would not hesitate to go back in a heartbeat.

0 Star: Never again!!! These people should not be in business.
1 Star: Chalk it to bad experience. Live and learn.
2 Stars: Very disappointing but there it has some good things to offer.
3 Stars: It is okay but do not expect much. I will still return.
4 Stars: I like it! I will be singing your praises!
5 Stars: I will be dreaming of you at night!
6 Stars: Perfection (or close to!)

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