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Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen

DATE NIGHT: June 9, 2012 @ 4:30 PM

As seen on  "Check, Please! Bay Area"  

Angeline's is BIGGER.

The last time we tried to have dinner at Angeline's in April, there was an hour wait. We tried again yesterday for date night and at 4:30 PM on a hot Saturday afternoon, Angeline's had plenty of space and no wait at all. By the time we finished dinner at 7:30 there were still plenty of tables. We secured a reservation just to be on the safe side.

Not only Angeline's has expanded its space through renovation, they are now open all day on weekends as well from 11:30 AM to 9 PM -10 PM.

Angeline's decor can be best appreciated at night where the chandeliers on the high ceilings, "antique" window grills on the brick walls, Mardi Gras artwork and tealight candles give Angeline's an exciting but eerie/gothic atmosphere. I try to imagine that the other customers as vampires having dinner. ;)

In the day time, it is a spacious and casual place to have lunch or early dinner. A long bar graces the back of the restaurant.

Enrique and I have been to Angeline's many times throughout the years and have almost eaten through their menu. My faves are the CREOLE-STYLE BARBECUE SHRIMP and VOODOO SHRIMP. He always comes back for the HONEY-BRAISED BARBECUE RIBS. They were always very tender and flavorful. 

                      Cornmeal-crusted fried oysters w/ garlic butter

* The batter was crispy, perfectly fried and was so light without  the slightest hint of grease. However, it was also very bland. It almost tasted like the chef forgot to put in the seasonings!  Even Enrique who does not use hot sauce and salt doused his with Tabasco, salt and pepper. I drowned mine in Tabasco as well. The oysters were huge and tasted fresh but breading was very bland. The GARLIC BUTTER had no hint of garlic and did not compliment the oysters.

                      Signature barbecue shrimp over rice with beans

*I just love this comfort food of plump shrimp in tasty sauce that is not a traditional barbecue sauce (more like gravy) over rice. I end up always ordering this dish at Angeline's.

                    Boneless breast w/ mashed sweet potato, gravy & green beans

*Enrique who would rather eat and enjoy his food than describe it states "really good!"

*Enrique does not like sweet potatoes in general and did not enjoy his but I love mashed sweet potatoes and I love Angeline's!!!! This mashed sweet potato so comforting good, sweet and lovely. The ginger and vanilla made this side dish more special than others that I've had in the past.

                  Warm flourless chocolate cake with hint of cayenne and orange

*My first thoughts upon opening this cake that we took to go was, "this is too small." However, this cake was so dense and decadent that I could only eat a 1/4 each time. The cayenne pepper was pronounced but provided a nice naughty spicy bite to this cake that slowly sneaks into your palate.

~ BEIGNETS $4.95

*Just like what I had at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. I ate those fried delicious French pastries 7 days in a row every single day while vacationing! I found Angeline's beignets to be the closest in taste/texture to the ones I've had in New Orleans. Of course these fried French donuts came in a bowl of powdered sugar!

TOTAL: $80 including tip and 1 Iced Tea

Angeline's is bigger and better. A solid New Orleans-style cuisine in the Bay Area. A place to indulge in a comfortable, interesting and non-pretentious venue. Great value and friendly service. This was not our first visit and it will not be our last. We love Angeline's!

Gosh, I just got myself hungry for everything we had at Angeline's just writing and re-reading this review! Darn!

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