Monday, April 26, 2010

Conch Balls and Coconut Shrimps: Lovely Lunch on Grand Cayman

It was a beautiful day that will always be remembered.

We woke up early that morning to ride a boat out to the middle of the Carribean sea. When we got there, we stood on the shallow powder white sandbar in the middle of the very clear turqouise-green ocean. The sun was in our face and the water was warm while we played with stingrays. These floppy giants grew to be as big as 10 feet wide. They swam between our legs or brushed up against us. We were freaked out at first but we soon found out that they were as gentle as pussycats. After this experience, I learned that they were not the killing machines that the media portrayed them to be. They will defend themselves if you threaten or hurt them, otherwise, they were just happy to be fed.

We jumped back on our boat and sailed further out into the sea to go snorkeling. I found that the coral reefs in Mexico and the Philippines were more picturesque. The spot where we snorkeled at in Grand Cayman was not colorful enough or as teeming with sealife. The experience was nonetheless special.

When we got back to the shores of Grand Cayman in the mid-afternoon at almost 3 PM. Grand Cayman was very touristy with kitschy pirate themed stores and businesses selling rum, rumcakes and jewelry. Grand Cayman is well-known as direct importers of diamonds and tanzanites from Africa.

Tired, sunburned but happy, we were also starving. We walked into the first restaurant we saw. The restaurant was built in the Carribean architectural tradition: with long open patio, painted in warm colors and overlooking downtown Grand Cayman and the Carribean sea. It was laid back and casual. We sipped on a very good and strong MOJITO while taking in the view.

When visiting the Carribean I always make sure to try the conch dishes which are plentiful in this part of the world. We ordered CONCH BALLS for appetizer. Hot, deep-fried, not greasy, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, conch meat is like calamari. Firm, a little bit more intense in flavors but also sweet. Delicious!

BF ordered some random American meat sammie since he was ravenous. I had the COCONUT SHRIMP PLATTER W/ BLACK BEANS AND RICE. Let me just say that they were probably cooked the same way in the states but in the Carribean, they used fresh coconuts and real, AUTHENTIC carribean spices. These were the best coconut shrimps and carribean rice that I ever had. So different from the dehydrated coconut flakes that we use here in the states or that packaged "Carribean" rice.

The late lunch came out to be $60 with gratuity included and for a mojito, 1 app and 2 entrees. Probably priced for tourists or maybe Grand Cayman was just expensive but the delicious food and view were definitely worth it!

 It was a beautiful day that will always be remembered. Until next time, Carribean..........

On The Waterfront
Georgetown, Grand Cayman
(345) 943-8439


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