Monday, April 4, 2011

Mercury Lounge (SoMa)

Happy Hour with the Girls: February 10, 2011 @ 6PM

Mercury Lounge will feed you delicious Filipino and Asian Fusion dishes before you get your groove on on the dance floor. Mercury Lounge is a restaurant/club in one.

Thanks to Mercury Lounge's split personality, we were able to enjoy its foodie offerings and able to take off before ML's DJ started bringing down the house.

My girls and I met up at 6pm for few rounds of ML's tasty cocktails and fun pan- Asian tapas. The place was almost empty but chill. Everything was laid-back while the DJ and his crew were trying to get ready for that night's music event.

ML's decor is disheveled yet swanky at the same time. The dingy furniture are casualties of bumpin' and grindin' while imbibin' night owls, I'm sure, but the place is clean.

The dishes are fusion-fun and unique. Definitely more fun when sharing. Believe it or not 4 girls demolished all of these:

* Fried Tofu w/ pepper adobo sauce $5

* Crab Curry Fried Rice (Crab, coconut, chinese sausage) $9
(The spices did not quite come together but delish carb galore)

* Cucumber Salad $5

* Miso Tofu $11

* Eggplant Miso $6 (Tender eggplants bursting with flavors)

* Salt and Pepper Fish $5 (hot and fried but not greasy)

* Bread Pudding $6 (sweet wya to end a savory dinner)


* Samosa $5 (Ananda Fuara's samosas are a 100x better!)

* Basil Garlic Fries $5 (Overly fried and greasy)

* Grilled Flatbread w/curry sauce $5 (The flatbread was dry)

None of the dishes were foodgasmic delish but still yummy and we enjoyed almost all of them. My girls imbibed while I was the only one who remained sober (I was the only one who had a virgin drink),

And my 3 friends really did imbibe. They liked their drinks which they reported as yummy and strong. They had the following:
(2) Li Hing Margarita ( Herradura Tequila, lime, mango juice, and li-hing powder ) $9 each
(1) Mercury Mojito (Bacardi Rum, muddled mint, fresh lime)$9
(1) Thai Gimlet (Tanquerey Rangpur Gin, muddled w/ thai basil, fresh lime, sugar ) $9
(3) Mercury Ale $3 each

I was getting over my flu plus I also drove in that evening so I was stuck with a non-alc drink. It was as expensive as the alcoholic drink but it was really just a fruit juice.
(1) Threesome (The menu says $5 but we were charged $9) Calamansi, mango and orange juice, up or on the rocks w/ li-hing powdered rim

If you want to get your groove on or you just have the munchies or both, Mercury Lounge is your destination . Affordable, fun tasty with decent-sized portions.

The late night kitchen is perfect if you are jonesing for Asian fusion particularly Filipino dishes, before and after a hot night on the dance floor. Mercury Lounge will satisfy your cravings without robbing your dinner savings account. The staff are chill and friendly as well.

TAB: $140 including tax and tip (about $35 per happy well-fed girl)

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0 Star: Never again!!! These people should not be in business.
1 Star: Chalk it to bad experience. Live and learn.
2 Stars: Some are good. Some are okay. Some are bad.
3 Stars: Like! I will return!
4 Stars: Love! I will be dreaming of you at night!
5 Stars: Perfection (or close to!)

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