Sunday, November 4, 2012

Harris': Close To Perfection

I could only describe our dining experience at Harris' as CLOSE TO PERFECTION.

Harris' has been serving steaks in San Francisco since 1984. We haven't had an enjoyable dinner such as our dinner at Harris' in a very long time.  We enjoyed the elegant venue and old-school service where patrons are catered to all throughout dinner. Harris' has mastered the art of turning simple beef into a well-crafted steak.

Harris' is like an old boys' club--handsome, dark and formal. Heavy chandeliers were hanging on the high ceiling, stained dark wood furniture and the oversized oval booths were made with real leather (and super-comfy!). The restaurant was divided into a number of dining rooms. The diners appeared to have been more of an older set (50+).

Harris' requests that patrons don a business casual attire. Almost every man that evening wore a black dinner jacket while women also dressed up for the classy venue.

Upon coming in we were given a complimentary crostini plate with butter and pungent cheese spread. Hot rolls were also generously given all throughout dinner.

I am not a hard liquor drinker but I am so, so, so glad that I ordered Harris' Manhattan! I think this was the most perfect drink that I have ever had. The single barrel bourbon whisky, aged 10 years and crafted exclusively for Harris' was so smooth, so balanced and so sophisticated! It was served with sweet vermouth and Peychaud's bitters.

STEAMED MUSSELS WITH PEPPERS A delicious bowl of plump mussels in broth so flavorful that when the server took away our bowl, we already wiped it clean with the hot fresh rolls that a server kept on putting on our plates. Each mussel shell came with a slice of pancetta. I am not prone to superlatives but along with the Manhattan, this dish of steamed mussels at Harris' was the best I have ever had and I've had many bowls of this dish in my lifetime.

*Each order of aged beef came with steamed brocollini and baked potato or buttermilk mashed potatoes.

~49 NINER CUT $53 
Knowing I will never finish this, I ordered this generous cut of bone in New York so I can have leftover for lunch on Monday. The beef was very tender and flavorful w/o any dry parts. It was perfectly medium-rare. Delicious!

My guy ordered this, ate and enjoyed every bite of the marbled steak. I ate the crispy fatty pieces that he left on his plate. Very delicious and also cooked medium-rare.

*BROCOLLINI AND MASHED POTATOESEven the veggies were crisp and very flavorful. The buttermilk mashed potatoes were so creamy and also very nice.

BAKED APPLE TART W/ ICE CREAM & COFFEE $9 We hardly had any room after my guy ate most of my mashed potatoes, his whole ribeye and I had 3/4 of my NY steak in a brown bag right next to me. We still decided that a dessert would just be an appropriate way to end this sumptous meal. The apple tart was sweet and spicy. It was not remarkable but very nice. Even the coffee was well-made and strong.

TOTAL: $185 including 1 Iced Tea

A splurgey "special occasion" dinner for us but worth every hard-earned dollar. Despite the formal atmosphere and servers dressed in traditional black and white uniform that is rarely seen these days, the service was not stuffy and the servers were friendly.

Now I am dreaming of a life of idle luxury in San Francisco doing nothing but drinking Manhattan at Harris' in a little black dress and pointy heels. Maybe when I retire in a million years..........

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