Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lime (Market/Castro)

April 7, 2011 @ 5:30 PM

Waiting To Exhale (remember the movie?) but my gf couldn't wait until Friday. So we went on a Thursday.

And Lime is such a cool place to chill with your girl, most especially if your girl has so much steam that needed to be let out.

I have read about how brunch can be crazy at Lime on weekends. When we went, we got to seat where we wanted. The place was not dead and still happening but we sat there for 3 hours over our drinks without being rushed to get out pronto to make room for others. Music was loud but after a while we stopped paying attention to it and able to talk.

Lime's bar looked like it took a red-eye flight from LA and landed on Castro. The long bar is sexy hot pink. Booths are faux bleached white leather. Ultra-modern sleek chairs and tables.

I had the CUCUMBER GIMLET while my gf had a MOJITO. My cucumber gimlet was so yummy and perfectly made. Not too sweet. The drinks were strong that we felt that nice buzz creeping up right away. We had to hang around for 3 hours to sober up a little over one drink each. As soon as my friend took a sip of my drink, she went "Now that's what I would call a drink!"

* FISH TACOS (cornmeal dusted mahi mahi, guacamole, tomato salsa) $9 - Tastly lightly fried fish tacos. So yummy!

* GRILLED PRAWNS (3 white prawns, thai green papaya salad with mint, cilantro and peanuts) $10 - I loved the green thai papaya salad. The papaya was crispy and well-dressed. The prawns did not taste fresh thoug to me but my friend did not have a problem with them and thought they were good.

* BUDDHA'S CUPS (avocado, cucumber, ginger, peanuts, crispy shallots and soy-miso dressing ) $8 Crispy, sweet, addicting and guilt-free! These were little salads in lettuce cups!

The dishes at Lime are Asian tapas style. They were small dishes but we found ourselves full and satisfied. This a fun delish place to bond with your besties, grab a drink at the swanky bar solo, or have a romantic dinner just like the couple we saw who were starting off with a bottle of champagne.

Tab: $62 ($31 per girl including tax and 20% tip)


0 Star: Never again!!! These people should not be in business.
1 Star: Chalk it to bad experience. Live and learn.
2 Stars: Some are good. Some are okay. Some are bad.
3 Stars: Like! I will return!
4 Stars: Love! I will be dreaming of you at night!
5 Stars: Perfection (or close to!)

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