Sunday, August 26, 2012

Everett and Jones

SUNDAY FUN DATE: 08.26.12 @ 7 PM

Under the umbrella.
At checkered  picnic table.
Sit on a long bench.
And feel like you are at a backyard barbecue indoors.

Water with lemon or Iced Tea out of a MASON JAR.
Or get the Saucey Sistah Ale.

The FOUR WAY COMBO for two.
You will get brisket, hot links, ribs and chicken.
Plus sides of candied yams, mac&cheese, collard greens, baked beansAnd cornbread with butter.

The meats were flavorful inside while heavily slathered with mild, medium or hot barbecue sauce (your choice). I only wanted to eat the chicken but I ate the pork ribs by mistake  thinking it was chicken. It was good, though. Our chicken arrived not a minute later because they forgot.

I usually do not like chicken but E&J barbecue chicken was delicious! Very flavorful and not dry! Enrique ate and enjoyed all the meat.

The candied yams were runny. I was disappointed.
The collard greens with pork was not as flavorful but still good.
Enrique finished the mac&cheese and cornbreads which I did not touch. Must be good.

$29.99 for the 4-way combo
Paid $36 before tip with 1 Iced Tea

A big thing of leftover links and brisket to enjoy again the next day.

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