Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fried Snicker Anyone? Sinfully Yummy County Fair "Cuisine"

Saturday Date with my guy and we found ourselves at the Pleasanton County Fair. What do you do at a fair when you are too chicken for rides like me?!

Aside from petting the sweetest furry creatures like little bunnies and baby turkeys, my sweetie and I plunge into the the deliciousness of fair cuisine.

Sweetie started off with the "barbecued beef sandwich* from Big Bubba's Barbecue stand. Not to be outdone, I ordered a turkey drumstick (which my sweetie would not let the opportunity go without not commenting what's already expected, "You look like a caveman!") The drumstick was so huge that it won't fit into a picture.

Of course, a trip to the fair would not have been complete  without an order of garlic fries.

And the most sinful food of all:  DEEP-FRIED SNICKERS BAR! I just had to try it. Sweetie and I shared this Hot. Melt in your mouth. Deep Fried but not greasy morsel. The batter was thin enough that it was not noticeable. Call it a mutual BIG F (foodgasm)!!!! 
Just in case you decide to visit this food fair heaven next year:
Be sure to dress comfortably and wear comfy shoes. It was sweltering hot!
The fair is huge and lots to see.

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