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"Me" Time: 02. 15. 12

farm:table would have been a coffee kiosk if not for the communal table that could sit about 10 people uncomfortably. It is very, very small.

The kitchen counter is about 3 steps from the door where you will place your order. Turn around, take one step and you may sit at the square country table if you do not mind sitting elbow to elbow with strangers. It was a little too close for comfort for me that I chose to sit at the sidewalk outdoor table on

farm:table is an eatery housed in a historic apartment building that is full of SF character. A street plaque on Post says so. Despite the tiny space, it is rustic, full of charm and cute. Menu for the day is written on the chalkboard.

farm:table's offerings are packed with big and mighty flavors. Menu is seasonal (clue: farm) and changes often. They offer more food than what is advertised daily on their website:

A mouth-watering array of sweet pastries are on the counter. This little place does make use of every space and cranny. These pastries are from other bakeshops, though.

POLENTA WITH KALE GRANA PADANO (Extra $1 for bacon or egg) ~$9+
* A well-made silky polenta with kale. The sharpness of grana padano highly compliments this dish. I ordered mine with an egg which came out to be hard-boiled. I would rather have had runny sunny-side up or overeasy which I thought would add a silkier texture to this dish. The hard-boiled egg was a wild-card item in this otherwise perfect bowl of polenta.

*At first sip, my tastebuds woke up to this intense well-made coffee. The silkiness of the almond milk is a nice surpise and contrast to the strong coffee. Blue Bottle or Verve, this was one great cup o' joe!

CHECK: ~$19 for polenta & latte with tip

1. I applaud the concept. farm:table is an epitome of big city/urban dining.

2. The food was delicious and the coffee was superb. farm:table is a simple joy that feeds the soul. The simplicity of every dish also equals delicious.

1. Too pricey for my budget. For ~$20 (with tip) for lunch, I can eat well and comfortably at many full-service restaurants in SF.

2. On the day I was at farm:table, the table was packed and there was not a chance of asking anybody to scoot over for me. Eating at the tiny "dining area" is part of the farm:table dining experience but I need comfort when I am eating and paying premuim for my food. Sharing a table in a stuffy box also threatens my personal space. Sitting and eating street side on a beautiful day is a delight but it is not guaranteed with the SF weather and taking a risk that a garbage truck might pass by.

With my long tirade about the space, one can tell that the uncomfortable dining is  the deal breaker for me. Price is secondary if at least the venue is pleasant enough.

Despite my gripes, it was a delightful streetside brunch on a beautiful day in SF.


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  1. It’s look like you cover every thing in this Article. This is great and finally got something to learn after roming around the other table

    1. Thanks. Glad I could shed some light on farm:table. The reviews are quite mixed.



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