Friday, August 6, 2010

Darioush Winery Napa Valley

Darioush Winery's architecture reminds me of the modern setting for "The Arabian Nights." I almost expect bellydancers and dark beautiful men in turbans riding stallions to welcome us every time we visit. Well, the owner of Darioush Winery is Persian. His heritage is celebrated in the winery's architecture and decor. The facade consists of tall columns with a long rectangular fountain in the middle

Since my girlfriends and I have discovered Darioush Winery, it has become a "must visit" for us everytime we take a trip to the Wine Country. This is usually our first stop to let the "R&R" start to kick in. We find this winery very relaxing.

While Darioush is also very opulent just like almost every winery in Napa Valley, the architecture of this place is so unique and different from other wineries that it is definitely worth-paying a visit.

There is nothing ancient about this winery inside or out. The interior is very modern and contemporary. While wine tasting you can also shop for Persian recipe books and a beautiful hardbound gilded copy of "One Hundred and One Nights." A very welcoming and relaxing place that spells "fabulous!" The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Wine tastings are on pricier side compared to other wineries' going rate." The tastings are:

Amuse Flight for $12 (2 tastings)
Signature Flight for $25 (5 tastings)
Encore for $60 (2 glass pours of their most limited wines.)

I would say that the pours were not generous but they gave us plenty of nicely spiced pistachios which were a nice welcome treat.

We opted for the $12 Amuse tastings since this was our first stop and we needed to save our liver for more wine tastings. This fee is waived if you buy two bottles of wine which we did. My gf and opted for two bottles of 2007 Russian River Chardonnay. We paid $39 per bottle for this refreshing wine that tasted like apples.

We went on our merry way to our next winery. How happy I feel that I live just over an hour away from the Wine Country!

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