Saturday, June 19, 2010

Steak and Seafood at Bobo's: Best of Both Worlds

YUMS! My parents taught me not to lick my fingers when eating at a restaurant. But being a Filipino and trained to eat with our hands came in handy at Bobo's. (You should at least know how to eat with your hands in theory even if you don't do it in practice if you are a Pinoy kid.)

Because at Bobo's, you'll get the best of both worlds: STEAK AND SEAFOOD.
And my Filipino seafood eating skills were put to the test. Who needs those metal thingy-s to crack crab claws? Bite into it and use your choppers!

Our dinner date started at 5:30 PM. We were seated at a super-tiny corner booth but the cuteness of the hanging colorful ribbons to give us privacy from the next booth made up for the feeling that we were being put on "time out" in the corner. Couples and groups of friends dressed to the nines started pouring in. They got the bigger, padded booths.

DRINK AND BREAD: And few minutes later, I was sipping a BOBOTINI (yummy but not strong enough) and devouring the half loaf of HOT, garlic bread oozing with butter that was served to us almost as soon as we sat down. (Note: I finished almost this half-loaf by myself with little help from fiance.) So addicting!!!

SEAFOOD APPETIZER: And not long after that, fiance and I got down and dirty. How could you not when you have a GIGANTIC SKILLET OF PRAWNS AND CRAB placed in front of you! Delicious seafood very seasoned in butter and herbs served with 3 flavored butter sauces for dipping. They were on the dry side and the prawns were not plump but they were delicious none the less. I have no mercy and took home the last 5 prawns left. And that's just for appetizer! ($40). 

STEAK: And the FILET MIGNON STEAK! Bone-in for fiance ($40), petite for me ($30). Bone-in Filet Mignon is the MAIN ATTRACTION. Bobo's signature steak. Both steaks were so tender. Period.

SIDE: As if we didn't have enough, we ordered a side dish of TWICE BAKED POTATO ($8). Big enough to share but ending up to be not our fave. We had two bites each and decided we did not like it. Tasted like a veggie quiche on top of the half-potato. Very untraditional.
DESSERT: And a CHOCOLATE BOMB ($8))! A mound of chocolate with truffle-like consistency drizzled with raspberry glaze. Even this lacto could not resist!

Our tab came out to be $180 (YIKES!!) including 2 diet cokes, tax and 20% tip. Definitely a pricey dinner but fit for a great dad like my guy. (Happy Father's Day!)

By the way, I licked my fingers all throughout dinner and I didn't care. My parents were not there to scold me!
1450 Lombard Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 441-8880

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  1. I think every Filipino kid grew up eating with their hands. lol. I catch myself eating with my hands sometimes. heheh. Omg, that crab almost made me drool. =P

    Gotta bring my boyfriend here one day.



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